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CarDen is the realization of a dream. Jeff Schnase, the owner, had worked for many years at other dealerships and dreamt of someday owning his own. Jeff wanted to create a whole new approach. He realized the need to accommodate people's busy schedules, so he created CarDen. CarDen is a brick-and-mortar dealership like all the others but when you reach out to us, we work extremely hard to make the experience quite different. Buying a vehicle for most of us is the 2nd largest purchase we will ever make, and that purchase should be rewarding. All too often even the finest dealerships take us hostage for hours. We are offered a beautiful waiting room while the salesman and the sales manager are implementing all kinds of techniques to get the deal done. Sometimes your credit gets run by dozens of finance companies, or they are simply stalling to heighten your anticipation level. Not always, but often salesman will say whatever they have to so they can make the sale.

At CarDen that will NEVER happen. We are a family owned and operated business committed to being as simple and straightforward as possible. We take great pride in being honest. We will never lie to you or deceive you in any way. We believe in absolute transparency and we will never take you hostage. Most of our customers are in and out in about 30 minutes and the best part? We Deliver! We will deliver the vehicle for both the test drive and the purchase to your front door.

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